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Control Technologies

Standard Control Valve The Fisher GX is a compact, state-of-the-art control valve and actuator system, designed to control a wide range of process liquids, gases, and vapors The GX is rugged, reliable, and easy to select. It requires no actuator sizing -- the actuator selection is automatic once the valve body construction is selected [...]

Control Valves

Control valves by type: Standard Control Valve V-Ball Control Valve Click image to jump to Standard Control Valve Click image to jump to V-ball Control Valve Control Disc Sanitary Control Valve Click image to jump to Control Disc Click image to [...]


Role of a Positioner Mechanical Construction Bellows and Linkages Requires alignment / adjustment High Hysterisis & Deadband Difficult to Calibrate Modular Construction Universal Compatibility & Mounting Ease of Calibration & Mounting (Local or Remote) High Accuracy Diagnostics & Tuning capabilities Operational Improvement Better control/ lower variability allows [...]


Regulators by type: Standard Regulator Sanitary Regulator Click image to jump to Standard Regulator Click image to jump to Sanitary Regulator Standard Regulator Spring Guide PROBLEM: High control pressure requires lots of spring force. Accurate control needs sensitive springs. These combined [...]

Safety Technologies

Rupture Discs / Burst Discs A rupture disc is a thin metal or metal & plastic membrane which functions as a designed weak point in a pressurised system. It is designed, fabricated and tested to burst open at a predetermined, precise pressure point, thus relieving pressure in the system in a controlled manner. The [...]

Rupture Discs

Rupture discs by type: Rupture Discs - Reverse Acting Click image to jump to Rupture Discs - Reverse Acting Sanitary Rupture Disc Click image to jump to Sanitary Rupture Discs Sanitary Rupture Disc Non PED Click image to jump to Sanitary Rupture Discs Non PED Rupture Discs – [...]

Relief Valves

Wide Range The Type 3500 Relief/Safety Relief valves are designed to have a short simmer, then to open rapidly to the full open position, and to re-seat at a controlled pressure. When the valve is in its fully lifted position, the discharge area is controlled by the bore of the nozzle, which ensures that [...]

Tank Blanketing / Conservation Vents

Tank Blanketing Conservation Vent Click image to jump to Tank Blanketing Click image to jump to Conservation Vent Tank Blanketing ESI Expertise ESI have become experts in tank blanketing over the years and have helped design and commission numerous systems in Ireland and [...]

Steam Technologies

Steam Water Washdown Station Strahman mixing units: Strahman began providing the dairy and food processing industries with durable, reliable mixing units and hose stations more than eight decades ago. Today, these sturdy pieces of equipment can be found in many manufacturing plants and processing industries, including food, beverage, pharmaceutical and others, where fast [...]

Wireless: Thum

You Can't Improve What You Can't See Most plants have hundreds or even thousands of HART instrumentation points, all equipped with rich diagnostics and process information, yet this valuable information often goes unused because it's too difficult and costly to access through traditional wired means. Not anymore... Unlock the Value in Your Existing [...]