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Tank and Process Equipment

ESI offer a full range of components and solutions for tank equipment used in hygienic applications, such as mixers, tank connections , sampling, agitators, vessels, washdown stations, bursting discs and accessories. Selecting the right technology allows savings of valuable resources, such as water, energy, and product.

HPX-PT Pre-Torqued Holder

HPX-PT™ Pre-Torqued Holders incorporate high strength steel socket head cap screws to ensure accurate loading and sealing of the HPX® Rupture Disc (bursting disc). The HPX-PT™ Holder allows the disc to be correctly fitted in the workshop using precise recommended torque levels, prior to installation of the complete assembly between the flanges in the process [...]

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Burst Disc Indicator (B.D.I)

The B.D.I.® (Burst Disc Indicator) Alarm System is designed for use with Continental Disc rupture discs. The B.D.I.® Alarm System signals the system operator when a rupture disc has burst to relieve an overpressure or vacuum condition.

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Tank Blanketing / Conservation Vents

Tank Blanketing Conservation Vent Click image to jump to Tank Blanketing Click image to jump to Conservation Vent Tank Blanketing ESI Expertise ESI have become experts in tank blanketing over the years and have helped design and commission numerous systems in Ireland and [...]

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Tank Mixers

NovAseptic mixers offer a complete solution for mixing throughout the process line for a wide variety of pharmaceutical and biotechnology applications

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Flush Tank Connector

NA Connect means No dead-legs – speeds up and ensures quality of CIP/SIP, makes validation easier Flexible – fast and easy to adjust your process system, even for unforeseen needs

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LOTRX Rupture Disc

The LOTRX® Rupture Disc (Bursting Disc) represents a breakthrough in rupture disc (bursting disc) design. The LOTRX® Rupture Disc (Bursting Disc) provides all the benefits of Continental's scored, reverse acting discs, with additional features that make it ideal for extremely low pressure applications.

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SANITRX LPX Rupture Disc

The SANITRX® LPX Rupture Disc is a semicircular scored reverse acting rupture disc designed specifically for applications in the pharmaceutical, food & beverage and biotech industries that require pressures below SANITRX® HPX

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HPX-Ta Rupture Disc

The HPX®-Ta Rupture Disc is a Tantalum semicircular scored reverse acting rupture disc designed specifically for use in highly corrosive media, such as bromine, chlorine, HCL, nitric acid or sulphuric acid.

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The SANITRX HPX® II Rupture Disc is a semicircular scored reverse acting rupture disc designed specifically for applications in the pharmaceutical, food & beverage and biotech industries.

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HPX Rupture Disc

The HPX® Rupture Disc (Bursting Disc) is a scored reverse acting rupture disc (bursting disc). This differential pressure relief device features an instantaneous full-open relief area for protecting equipment, vessels, systems and people from an overpressure condition.

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Bursting Discs Overview

Rupture Discs (Bursting Discs) function as a pre-designed "weak point" in a pressurized system, and they should be the strongest part of your pressure protection system. Continental Disc rupture discs (bursting discs) utilize innovative, patented designs, the highest quality materials from traceable sources, and ISO 9001 manufacturing procedures performed by skilled craftsmen.

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