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Ultra High Purity Tube and Components

/Ultra High Purity Tube and Components

Ultra High Purity Tube and Components

Stainless Steel Tube

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Haynes Hastelloy® C-22® Alloy

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Manifolds & Integrated Assemblies

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Stainless Ball Valves

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Stainless Process Valves

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Stainless Mini Ball Valves

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Stainless Steel Tube, Pipe & Fittings

Since the beginning of the semiconductor industry, Valex has been there – supplying the highest grade stainless steel tube, pipe, and fittings to the most respected names in the industry.

After four decades of making microchip grade fluid system components, we’ve streamlined and fine-tuned our processes to consistently deliver quality and reliability, while maintaining value.

Our stainless steel tube and fittings portfolio has expanded to more acronyms than we can name; UHP, HP, CFOS, BA, AP… the list goes on. And so does our tradition of building products that we’re proud to put our name on today – and for decades to come.

Haynes C-22® Hastelloy® Alloy Tube & Fittings

Corrosion – A semiconductor fab’s worst enemy. Corrosion contributes to particulate contamination, lower yields, and can ultimately lead to fab downtime.

Hastelloy® C-22® is a Nickel-Chromium-Molybdenum-Tungsten super-alloy with superior resistance to pitting and crevice corrosion. Customers have reported gas distribution systems having up to 12X longer service times, when compared to traditional 316L systems. With its proven track record in semiconductor applications (including chlorine, bromine, and other challenging gases), C-22® is destined for the most demanding of corrosive environments.

Choose Valex product line 222 tube and fittings, made from Haynes Hastelloy® C-22® – and choose the right tool for the job.

Manifolds & Integrated Assemblies

Building process fluid distribution systems for semiconductor fabs is a complex task. Project managers juggle the logistics of materials and services from various suppliers while transforming designs on paper into reality.

In our experience, the best solutions are often the simplest ones. So when we’re asked to integrate our tube, pipe, fittings, and valves into assemblies, redundant steps are removed by bringing manifold production under one roof – the Valex roof.

That’s when the magic happens. Excess labor, material, and cost vanish – while value and time savings stack up. Complex has never been this simple.

Stainless Steel High-Purity Ball Valves

We’re a little obsessed when it comes to the quality of our high-purity stainless steel ball valves.

As valves are built, components go through numerous QC checks, including receiving-inspection, in-process-inspection, and sub-component-inspection – before they make their way into a Class 5 cleanroom. Then they’re cleaned using 18-megohm DI water and high-purity nitrogen, then assembled, and 100% helium-leak tested.

Highly trained inspectors carefully scrutinize each completed valve to the stringent requirements of our ISO 9001 certified quality system, before they’re nitrogen-purged and double-bagged. With all this quality redundancy, you could say it’s an obsessive disorder – but we call it peace-of-mind.

Stainless Steel Process Cooling Water Ball Valves

The goal of your process cooling water (PCW) system is to quickly remove heat, and control temperatures of various tool subcomponents. So we offer our PCW valves in full-port design for high-flows – and oil-free stainless-steel for long service life.

Our valves utilize 3-piece construction for easy maintenance, while a floating ball allows for positive shut-off. A valve isn’t useful if it leaks, so every valve is inspected and leak checked before it leaves our factory.

We carry a wide range of sizes and end-connection options, so that hookup in your cooling system is simple. Used by leading customers in the industry – made cool by Valex.

Stainless Steel Mini Ball Valves

At such a value, it’s hard to imagine that benefits from our high-purity ball valve line-up have trickled down to our stainless steel mini ball valves. They’re perfect for Utility Nitrogen (UN2/GN2), Venturi Nitrogen (VN2), and Clean Air applications.

  • Cleaned for oxygen grade service (CFOS).
  • 100% Helium-leak tested.
  • Built in an ISO Class 5 cleanroom.
  • Nitrogen-purged, and double bagged.

And that’s just for starters – With so many features packed into such a small package, one can only wonder how Valex does it…… Shrink ray – yep, that’s it.