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MagDrive Pump

/MagDrive Pump

MagDrive Pump

MagDrive Pump

magdrive pump


Close Coupled Design

Arrangement eliminates need to perform pump/motor alignment. Single piece, dual bolt circle adapter accommodates all motor sizes for maximum application flexibility.

Fully Confined O-Ring

Sealed to casing for zero leakage. Acid-resistant Viton standard other materials available.

Casing Drain

Allows complete draining of fluid from pump for system maintenance. Blind flange and gasket ensure leak-free seal for safe

Rigid Casing Feet

Reduce effect of pipe loads on pump and motor shaft alignment.

Solid Stationary Shaft

Pure sintered silicon carbide construction eliminates shaft delection. Fully supported stationary design maximizes radial bearing life. Straight geometry eliminates stress concentrations and possibility of failure during pump operation.

Solid Stationary Shaft

Bearing Spider

Fully supports Silicon Carbide shaft for maximum shaft rigidity. Protects the end of the Silicon Carbide shaft from damage. Smooth hydraulic flow path into the eye of the impeller, equal to that of a standard ANSI pump. Rounded spider hub and spider supports (flow straighteners) reduce turbulence and pre-rotation for better hydraulic stability.

ANSI Dimensions

Allows easy retrofit of problem ANSI pumps with a magdrive pump.

Rare Earth Magnets

High strength neodymium iron, provide high torque and hard-start capability without slip. Drive is synchronous.

The 3298 magdrive pump is available in close-coupled or frame-mounted designs for true installation or pump replacement flexibility.

Since the 3298 meets ANSI dimensional standards, retrofitting mechanically sealed ANSI pumps is easy: simply replace the old pump with the equivalent close-coupled or frame-mounted ANSI size 3298.

TEFZEL® (ETFE) is inert to most chemicals, and has good abrasion resistance. TEFZEL® lined casing and containment shell with solid TEFZEL® impeller provide superior corrosion resistance and long life unequalled by alloy pumps.

Enclosed design minimizes axial thrust, extends thrust bearing life.

One-piece construction eliminates front shroud failure possible with two-piece impellers.

Neodymium iron magnets are molded in place, reducing the chance of permeation.

Magdrive Pump Casing with TEFZEL® Lining

  • One-piece solid ductile iron casing with Tefzel® lining.
  • Generous lining thickness of 1/8 inch (3 mm).
  • Rotolining process assures integrity of lining.
  • Rugged foot mounted design provides maximum resistance to and distortion from pipe loads.
  • Flange loads are the same as metal ANSI pumps.
  • Casing drain allows complete evacuation of pump fluid.
Multiple materials available to best suit your pumping application: Carbon, pure sintered Silicon-Carbide or Dryguard™. All rotating bearings are designed with flow grooves to help circulate fluid over the bearings and to help flush solids away. Dryguard™ option keeps your magdrive pump running when temporary dry run conditions exist.

Forgiving hydraulic design and positive axial thrust allow the magdrive pump to get through dry run conditions without damage to other components.

  • TEFZEL® lining with glass reinforced vinylester backing.
  • Burst pressure greater than 500 psig.
  • Fully confined O-ring seals containment shell to casing.
  • Non-metallic construction provides efficiencies same or better than sealed ANSI pumps
  • 30% higher efficiencies than metal seal-less pumps.
  • Non-metallic construction eliminates magnet losses and heat generation.
  • Heat sensitive liquids are easily pumped with a magdrive pump.

Self Priming

Self Priming

In-Line Design for Cost Savings

In-Line Design for Cost Savings

Dry Run Capability

Carbide Bearings

Provide the corrosion resistance and durability of silicon carbide with short term dry run capability without the catastrophic failuremodes of standard silicon carbide in a dry run situation.

Solids Handling

Standard large internal clearances allow the passage of solids up to 0.06 inches with a maximum concentration of 2%. With the optional clean external injection flush, the 3298 magdrive pump can handle solids up to 0.080 inches with a concentration near 10%.

PFA Construction for Universal Corrosion Resistance to 360°F (182°C)

Virgin Teflon® (PFA) is virtually inert to all chemicals and has good abrasion resistance. PFA lined casing, bearing carrier, containment shell, and one-piece impeller/shaft assembly provide superior corrosion resistance and long life, unequalled by alloy pumps.

Designed for Safe Operation

Dual Containment Shell

PTFE lining with carbon fiber reinforced plastic (CFRP) shell.

Non-metallic construction provides efficiencies the same or better than sealed ANSI pumps; 30% higher efficiencies than metal seal-less pumps. Non-metallic construction eliminates magnet losses and heat generation.

CFRP shell provides rigid support for the liner and acts as a secondary method of containment should the primary liner fail.

Integral Shaft and Impeller

Large 316 stainless steel core improves impeller mechanical strength. Integral PFA lined 316 stainless shaft and impeller optimizes corrosion resistance, strength and durability of the stainless steel shaft.

The 3298 magdrive pump is seal-less and environmentally safe. No mechanical seal assures zero leakage on moderate to severe corrosives, hazardous liquids. A great solution to pumps with mechanical seal problems.