Pump Alignment Fault Finding: we outline the Symptom – Cause – Remedy

ESI Service are rotating equipment specialists, with many years experience in pump alignment in-house or on site.

Here we outline some of the basic problems our customers have come across.

Symptom: Horizontal (side to side) alignment cannot be obtained (angular or parallel).

  • Cause: the driver feet are bolt-bound
    • Remedy: loosen the pump’s hold-down bolts and slide the pump and driver until you achieve horizontal alignment.
  • Cause: the base plate is not levelled properly and may be twisted
    • Remedy: determine which corners of the base plate are high or low. Remove or add shims at the appropriate corners. Realign the pump and drive.

Note: Also check pipe stresses, many times we have found that the suction and discharge pipe loadings are excessive and once fixing bolts are loosened the pipes spring.

ESI service division offer a full pump alignment and pump condition monitoring service, please contact us if you have pump problems.


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