Category: Bursting Discs

The primary function of a rupture disc (also commonly referred to as a bursting disc) is as a pre-designed engineered ‘weak point’ in a pressurised system; they should be the strongest part of your pressure protection system.Rupture disc / Bursting Disc with holder

Continental Disc rupture discs (bursting discs) utilise many innovative and patented designs, the highest quality raw materials from traceable sources and ISO 9001 manufacturing procedures performed by highly skilled & experienced craftsmen. Along side CDC & LaMOT’s extensive disc product range, we are able to offer accessories such as screw type holders, burst disc indicators (BDI’s), fittings, gauges & clamps. This, coupled with ESI Technologies Group’s wealth of knowledge and experience, means we can bring to the table our expertise on each specific application to assist your selection of the most appropriate product from CDC’s range for your requirements.

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