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ESI Technologies Group takes pride in being a trusted distributor of T-FIT®, the ultimate insulation solution for critical environments such as cleanrooms, aseptic areas, and high-temperature processing environments. T-FIT® products are exclusively manufactured using Zotefoams' exceptional range of cellular foamed materials, ensuring unparalleled performance and reliability.

Efficient Installation with T-FIT® Insulation

T-FIT® closed cell foams are designed for quick and hassle-free installation, resulting in cost savings and reduced complexity and downtime. These foams offer inherent purity, non-toxicity, and odour-free characteristics, combined with a wide temperature operating range, excellent flammability credentials, and resistance to most chemicals. Importantly, T-FIT® is a non-fibrous product, providing superior personal protection against injuries from hot pipework.

Cost-Effective Solution

T-FIT® insulation offers a low total cost of ownership, thanks to its ease of cleaning, moisture resistance, and prevention of microbial growth. Its long service life ensures prolonged performance, and the insulation’s superior handling and installation process guarantees the absence of particulates. T-FIT® products do not contribute to air quality issues and can remain in service for extended periods, further reducing overall insulation costs.

Insulation for Cleanrooms

The Uniqueness of Zotefoams Materials

Zotefoams employs an environmentally friendly manufacturing process utilizing nitrogen gas to produce a range of closed-cell, cross-linked foams. This results in a pure, odour-free material with exceptional characteristics and performance, making it the ideal choice for cleanroom insulation and other critical applications.Cleanroom insulation - T-Fit

Understanding Closed-Cell Insulation

Insulation products can be categorised into two main groups: open-cell and closed-cell materials. Open-cell materials have an inherent structure that absorbs water and moisture. In contrast, closed-cell products are water-resistant, with water simply draining off the surface.

Since water is an efficient conductor of heat, insulation that absorbs water (open-cell) quickly compromises thermal performance. However, closed-cell insulation maintains its performance throughout its service life by preventing moisture absorption.


PPE Requirements during T-FIT® Insulation Installation

One of the advantages of T-FIT® products is that they do not require any special personal protective equipment (PPE) during installation. As T-FIT® is not composed of fibrous materials, it does not emit or release fibres or particles, eliminating any respiratory risks. Face protection, mouth guards, masks, goggles, and similar measures are unnecessary, ensuring a safe and hassle-free installation process.


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