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When it comes to tank operations, agitation, sampling, and safety, ESI Technologies Group offers a complete range of top-quality components and solutions. Our goal is to protect your equipment and ensure optimal performance throughout your processes. We provide a comprehensive suite of products, including tank mixing systems, agitation solutions, sampling equipment, as well as safety equipment such as Bursting Discs, Rupture Discs, and Relief Valves.

Bursting Discs and Rupture Discs for Diverse Applications

Bursting discs / Rupture discs by CDC

ESI offers a wide selection of bursting discs and rupture discs, including specialized options for sanitary applications, FDA-approved gaskets, and high cycling count requirements. Our bursting discs are designed to provide reliable protection and are available in various materials to withstand corrosive environments. Additionally, we offer bursting disc indicators to facilitate easy monitoring and maintenance.

Complete Tank Blanketing and Relief Protection Solutions

With our turnkey Full System Design and Equipment Supply services, ESI Technologies Group provides comprehensive solutions for Tank Blanketing and relief protection. Whether you require API2000-compliant solutions for low-pressure vessels or API520 solutions for high-pressure applications, we have you covered. Our team of experts can accurately size and configure systems for worst-case scenarios, including fire events, utilizing the latest API2000 software.

NA Connect

With a wide range of process connections available, including Tri-Clamps, we can tailor our solutions to meet your specific requirements.


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When it comes to Tank and Safety Equipment, ESI Technologies Group is your trusted partner. We provide turnkey solutions, high-quality components, and reliable support to optimize your operations. From tank mixing and agitation to sampling and safety measures, our comprehensive range of products and expertise will meet your needs.

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