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Filtration is a means to physically capture solid contaminants through the thickness of the medium. Filters can be Cartridge, Bag, or Lenticular in design and appearance. These are widely used in Water Filtration, Utilities Services, Food & Beverage, Fine Chemicals, Cosmetics, Pharmaceuticals, Chemical Plants, Petrochemical Plants, Biotech Pharmaceuticals, and Petroleum Refineries, and Natural-Gas Processing.

What Types of Filtration Product Do ESI Supply?

Filtration -  Amazon filter cartridges and housings for industry

At ESI we supply a range of Cartridge/Bag and Lenticular Filters and Filter Housings manufactured by Amazon Filters, a leading European manufacturer of both Filter Housings and Filter Cartridges. Amazon Filters manufactures in-house Filter Housings and Cartridges for the Biopharma, API, Chemical and Process industries as well as Bespoke units to suit every individual requirement. All to, ISO9001-2015 quality standards.

Why Choose Amazon Filters?

  • Fit for-purpose hardware for your process
  • Improve Capability: Extended life
  • Cartridge Filter options
  • Open discussions on potential areas where we can bring value
  • ESI can provide help with MRO spending reduction

Quality Products

All filter housings are supplied with 3.1 Material certs, surface finish protocols, test cert (FDA Compliance), and Welder qualification CAD/3D files to assist the customer.

All filter cartridge units are supplied with Product Validation certification, FDA compliant (TSE/BSE_ materials used.

Filter housings - Filtration
We will be happy to discuss your requirements and advise the best option for your process.


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