Hydrogen Industry

The hydrogen industry represents a dynamic and rapidly evolving sector, poised to play a pivotal role in the global transition to clean energy. Hydrogen serves as a versatile energy carrier with the potential to revolutionize power generation, transportation, and various industrial processes. The production of hydrogen, especially green hydrogen, is central to achieving a low-carbon economy, offering a sustainable solution to the pressing climate crisis.

However, the hydrogen industry also faces challenges that require collaborative efforts and innovative solutions. Cost competitiveness, infrastructure development, and ensuring safety throughout the hydrogen value chain are among the key considerations that need to be addressed to accelerate the industry’s growth.

ESI Technologies Group, in partnership with ITT Habonim, has been at the forefront of this transformation, providing high-quality valves and actuators that are essential for safe and efficient high-pressure compressed hydrogen systems. These systems are crucial for the storage and transportation of hydrogen, enabling its use across different applications while addressing the challenges of energy and water intensity. By leveraging ESI Technologies Group’s expertise and innovative solutions, stakeholders in the hydrogen industry can navigate the complexities of production, storage, distribution, and fueling, ensuring a seamless integration of hydrogen as a clean energy source for a sustainable future.


What is the significance of Hydrogen as an industry?Hydrogen Symbol

Hydrogen is gaining prominence as a key industry due to its potential to drive the transition towards clean and sustainable energy systems. It offers a versatile, zero-emission fuel source that can replace fossil fuels in various sectors, such as transportation, electricity generation, and industrial processes.

Are there safety concerns related to Hydrogen?

Hydrogen is a highly flammable gas, and safety measures must be implemented in handling, storage, and transportation. However, with proper safety protocols and industry standards, hydrogen can be safely utilised. Extensive research and engineering advancements continue to enhance the safety of hydrogen systems.

What products do ESI offer for the Hydrogen Industry?

H29 Hydrogen service ball valve - ITT Habonim

ESI offer ITT Habonim’s hydrogen range of ball valves and actuators for Hydrogen service. ITT Habonim valves are designed, tested, and certified to provide the compatibility required in the hydrogen supply chain, end-to-end. The valves design, material selection, and certification process are made specifically to support the Hydrogen industry -as-a-full eco-system with process grade valves with the highest quality, durability, and safety. With proven safety and long-lasting use in hydrogen applications, ITT Habonim Hydrogen- service ball valves deliver un-matched integrity and overall best cost of ownership for Hydrogen systems from manufacturing and storing to re-fueling and transportation applications.

ITT Habonim’s unique Compact II Pneumatic Actuator reduces the average air consumption by up to 50% due to its compact physical size, reducing energy costs. Based on patented 4-piston technology the Compact II generates twice the torque of comparably sized two-piston rack and pinion designs. ITT Habonim’s Compact II actuator range has ATEX IIC certification and is being used in Hydrogen projects globally.

Choose ESI Technologies Group for unparalleled expertise and innovative solutions that streamline the production, storage, distribution, and utilization of hydrogen, integrating it smoothly as a sustainable energy resource for the future. Embrace the hydrogen revolution and propel your operations with ESI Technologies Group — where safety and efficiency converge for a greener tomorrow.

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