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Hydrogen Industry

The world is facing a climate crisis, and we need to act fast to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions and transition to a low-carbon economy. One of the most promising solutions is hydrogen, a clean and versatile energy carrier that can be used for power generation, transportation, industry, and more.

But hydrogen is not a primary energy source, it must be produced from other sources, such as natural gas, biomass, or water. And the way we produce hydrogen matters a lot for its environmental impact. The most common method today is steam methane reforming (SMR), which uses natural gas and emits carbon dioxide. This is not a sustainable option if we want to achieve net-zero emissions.

That’s why many experts and policymakers are advocating for green hydrogen, which is produced from water using renewable electricity, such as solar or wind. Green hydrogen has zero carbon footprint and can be stored and transported as a gas or a liquid. However, producing green hydrogen requires a lot of energy and water, and the current infrastructure and technologies are not ready to scale up to meet the growing demand.

This is where high-pressure compressed hydrogen comes in. High-pressure compressed hydrogen is a form of green hydrogen that is stored at very high pressures, up to 1000bar or more. This allows for more efficient use of space and weight, as well as lower energy losses during compression and decompression. High-pressure compressed hydrogen can also enable faster refueling times and longer driving ranges for hydrogen vehicles, such as buses, trucks, or cars.

Hydrogen Valve H29 and H99 - ball valves


But high-pressure compressed hydrogen also poses significant challenges and risks, such as leakage, explosion, corrosion, or embrittlement. That’s why you need reliable and safe valves that can withstand the extreme conditions of high-pressure compressed hydrogen applications.

And that’s where ESI Technologies Group can help you. ESI is a leading provider of process equipment and solutions for fluid handling, sealing, automation, and more in the UK and Ireland. ESI are in partnership with ITT Habonim for over 20 years, they are global manufacturers of high-quality valves and actuators for various industries and offer robust and reliable products and services for high-pressure compressed hydrogen projects.

ESI Technologies Group and ITT Habonim have extensive experience and expertise in high-pressure compressed hydrogen systems. We can offer you customised solutions that meet your specific needs and requirements, whether you are involved in hydrogen production, storage, distribution, or utilisation.

Some of the benefits of choosing ESI Technologies Group and ITT Habonim’s Hydrogen Ball Valves for your high-pressure compressed hydrogen projects are:

Hydrogen Valves H24 and H25 - ball valves

  • Material selection – High tensile strength vs Hydrogen Gas Embrittlement
  • Pressure and temperature limits – selection of polymers and elastomers to handle Hydrogen cycling.
  • Fire-safe vs Methanisation – firesafe Hydrogen ball valves, no Graphite Stem Packing and Double Body Sealing meaning no Hydrogen contact with Graphite.
  • High-cycling Hydrogen Ball Valves with proven reliability and longer maintenance service life.
  • High CV’s for Hydrogen Ball valves versus traditional needle or globe valve design
  • Hydrogen Ball Valves with Tightness < 10 Ncm3H2/h
  • Hydrogen Ball Valves Certified for Transportation TPE (UK) / TPED (EU) /ADR ISO23826
  • Hydrogen Ball Valves Certified for Fueling ISO19880-3
  • Hydrogen Ball Valves Fuel Cell Clean ISO 14687-2 / SAEJ 2719

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