Category: Knife Gate

At ESI Technologies Group, we specialise in providing high-quality Knife Gate Valves designed to meet the demanding requirements of your industry. Our valve solutions are engineered to ensure reliable performance, efficient flow control, and exceptional durability.

For the handling of highly viscous fluids or media containing solid particles, a specialised valve, commonly referred to as a Knife Gate Valve, is employed to effectively cut through the liquid or solids. Unlike conventional valves, the Knife Gate Valve offers a unique flow control mechanism.

When the Gate Valve is opened, the flow path undergoes a significantly nonlinear enlargement, resulting in a non-uniform change in flow rate relative to the stem travel. This distinctive characteristic allows for precise control and modulation of the flow.

The Knife Gate Valve’s exceptional shut-off technique renders it suitable for a wide range of applications involving both fluids and dry media. It can effectively handle challenging substances such as pulp, sludge, biomass, powder, and various types of waste.

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