Stafsjö XV Knife Gate Valve

Product Benefits

The XV valve is designed, manufactured, inspected and tested according to the European Pressure Equipment Directive (PED 97/ 23/EC) category I and II module A1. The valve is CE marked when it is applicable.

Technical Data

The XV valve is supplied with a valve body, gate, retainer rings and gland in stainless steel. The valve body is available in two versions; fully lugged and semi-lugged. The valve comes with the retainer ring system on both sides of the gate, which makes it independent of pressure direction and very easy to maintain. Despite its relatively low weight and compact design, the valve can cope with high bi-directional pressures.

The gland box is equipped with three layers of Stafsjö’s box packing TwinPack™ and a box bottom scraper to secure that no media reaches the surrounding environment. The top work consists of aluminium beams and stainless steel tie rods, which give good corrosion resistance and a stable operation. The valve is modular designed and can easily be customized to specific process requirements. There are several actuator types and accessories to choose from in our standard collection.


Applications with pulp, biomass and sludge, and the Polyurethane seated version further extend its field of applications to abrasive media such as light slurry.

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