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ESI Technologies Group supplies a wide range of control valves to the Biotechnology, Pharmaceutical, Chemical, Oil & Gas and Power industries. We have worked with our partners Emerson Fisher for almost 20 years, and as part of our value add to support our clients' post-sale we are an Emerson Authorised and Approved Repair Centre.

ESI were the first Emerson Partner in Europe to be given access to Emerson's official sizing platform and our experienced in-house team of Engineers can size and select the correct valves for your application.

Control valves are an increasingly vital component of modern manufacturing around the world. Properly selected and maintained, control valves increase efficiency, safety & profitability. The control valve is a critical part of the control loop. Many people who talk about control valves are referring to a control valve assembly. The control valve assembly typically consists of the valve body, the internal trim parts, an actuator to provide the motive power to operate the valve, and a variety of additional valve accessories, which can include, Positioners, supply pressure regulators, manual operators, or limit switches.Fisher Control valve on Skid system

There are many types of control valves from Butterfly valves, Globe, Segmented Ball valves, Sanitary Control valves and Regulators. Each type can be customised to suit the customer’s process conditions.

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