Biotechnology Industry

At ESI Technologies Group, we supply and source a wide range of Process Equipment for the Biotechnology sector.

The Biotechnology Industry in Ireland has seen unprecedented growth in the last 20 years. Ireland is now seen as the world leader in Biopharma manufacturing, based on a long successful track record, developments in technology, and a talented pool of people working in the sector. Nine out of the top ten global Biotech leaders are located in Ireland.

As ESI has been in long-serving partnerships with these Global Biotech companies, we have invested heavily in distribution agreements and technical expertise to assemble a portfolio of high-quality products to meet and exceed our clients’ demands. In this highly regulated industry, ESI is aware of the demands required for cleanroom manufacturing, ensuring both single-use/sterile application needs are addressed, meeting standards such as BPOG, EHEDG, USP Class VI and 3A requirements.

The Biopharmaceutical industry is unique in that it requires utilities and stainless steel structural equipment for the initial build and requires a combination of both permanent St/Steel products as well as single-use disposable equipment for production.

ESI Technologies Group, in partnership with our division ESI Ultrapure is uniquely positioned to offer a comprehensive range of process equipment that addresses both of these requirements.

Typical Process Equipment supplied:

Typical Single-Use Equipment supplied:

We are the market-leading product suppliers in the Biopharmaceutical industry, and more importantly, we are known as “Solution Providers”.

What do we mean by “Solution Provider”?

We will review your process requirements and propose products or solutions that fit your application. If needed, we have a full-service department in-house and on the road that can assemble, fit, commission, and overhaul your equipment. ESI treats our customers as partners, and together we strive to increase reliability and performance to achieve our long-term objectives to reduce downtime and exceed their expectations. This long-term approach allows our customers to focus on what they do best, and ESI handles anything related to the process equipment.

For more information, to book a site visit, or request a quote, please send us an inquiry or call us in Ireland at +353 21 4510900 or in the UK at +44 1633 877505.

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