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At ESI we take social responsibility very seriously, and sustainability is a core part of our Vision. We strive to make our value chain more sustainable every day, across all our business areas. This is a continuous process that extends beyond our own company, aiming to benefit the environment and society as well. ESI Green is a new business area where you will find our Sustainability goals and achievements. Additionally, we have compiled a showcase of our products that lead the way in energy savings and C02 reduction, helping our customers achieve their Net Zero goals.

ESI Green Portfolio

ESI Green range, is a selection of products that offer lower energy costs, reduced Co2 and improved efficiencies to help customers achieve net zero objectives.


ESI Technologies Ltd Cork proudly holds the EcoVadis Silver Sustainability Rating, reflecting our commitment to sustainable practices.

Our 4 main areas of focus under the Priority SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) are:

    • Responsible Consumption & Production
    • Renewable Energy
    • Quality Education
    • Health & Wellbeing


ESI Technologies Ltd, Cork is a proud supporter of the All-Ireland Pollinator Plan.  We run a number of initiatives on our Cork campus, including No Mow May, native planting, reusing materials for planters.  We held our inaugural Biodiversity Day in 2023, which was a great success and team building exercise.  We look forward to more planned days ahead.

Hydrogen Energy


The hydrogen industry represents a dynamic and rapidly evolving sector, poised to play a pivotal role in the global transition to clean energy.

ESI Technologies Group, in partnership with ITT Habonim, has been at the forefront of this transformation, providing high-quality valves and actuators that are essential for safe and efficient high-pressure compressed hydrogen systems. These systems are crucial for the storage and transportation of hydrogen, enabling its use across different applications while addressing the challenges of energy and water intensity. By leveraging ESI Technologies Group’s expertise and innovative solutions, stakeholders in the hydrogen industry can navigate the complexities of production, storage, distribution, and fueling, ensuring a seamless integration of hydrogen as a clean energy source for a sustainable future.

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