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What is a Discflo Pump?

A Discflo Pump is an end suction centrifugal pump but operates differently from the conventional centrifugal pump as most people are familiar with it.

The Discflo impeller is known as a Discpac and operates on the principle of boundary layer and viscous drag. The Discpac is made up of concentric discs joined to each other by spacers, depending on product size or solid size if applicable.Disc pump - Discflo

Disc Pump Applications

For applications where product degradation, product impingement or shear-sensitive product is a concern, the Discflo pump is the perfect solution! Application examples include:

  • Pumping products prone to damage or degradation such as foods, fruits etc.
  • Shear-sensitive products.
  • High Viscous Fluids (the pump becomes more efficient as viscosity increases).
  • Large solids handling.
  • Low NPSHa (Net Positive Suction Head Available) applications.
  • Applications with high entrained gases.

Operation Principle of the Disc Pump

Due to the principle of operation the boundary layer technology has, the layers that are closest to the Discpac are stationary, concerning the Discpac rotary speed. As the layers build up towards the centre of the Discpac they begin to speed up. This occurs due to the viscous drag between each of the layers.

Based on this, the product does not crash into the Discpac (impeller) like centrifugal design, so the product state is not impacted.

Due to the design of the Discflo pump, it can handle large solids without destroying them.disc pump - Discflo

Benefits of a Discflo Pump

The main benefit of the Disc Pump is the extremely low NPSHr (Net Positive Suction Head Requirement) characteristic the pump has. Thus, the cavitation is greatly reduced/eliminated within the pump under problematic suction conditions. The pump also can handle entrained gases and operate against closed suction and discharge lines without impacting the performance of the pump.

The other benefit is the reduction of spare holding and maintenance, due to the principle of operation of the Discflo pump, parts are not subject to wear due to boundary layer and viscous drag. This reduces spares holding and equipment downtime, so both maintenance and operation costs are greatly reduced.Disc pump - Discflo Pump

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