CO2 Reduction with ESI Green Range

At ESI we are proud to offer products that stand out due to their exceptional quality.  This quality  translates into long-lasting performance. Our product offerings are designed using high-quality materials and undergo rigorous quality control. This reliability minimizes the need for frequent replacements and contributes to reduced resource consumption and waste.

ESI Green range, is a selection of products that offer:

Reduced Co2
Lower energy costs
Improved efficiencies
Help customers achieve net zero objectives.


Discover How Our Featured Products Can Help You!


Reduce Energy Consumption by Up to 50%: The Compact II Actuator’s efficient design dramatically reduces air consumption, reducing Carbon, hence large ongoing Operational cost savings.


Double the Power: Don’t settle for half the performance. The Compact II’s innovative 4-piston technology delivers twice the torque of competitor two-piston designs for same size footprint.


Compact Size, Big Results: The cleverly designed Compact II takes up less space without sacrificing power. Achieve more with a smaller footprint.


Sustainable Design, Powerful Results: Our innovative design utilizes 10% less steel, significantly reducing the product’s embodied CO2 emissions. Embrace sustainability without compromising performance.


Boost Efficiency, Reduce Costs: Achieve up to 15% energy savings with Alfa Laval Heat Exchangers. This translates to lower energy bills and a smaller environmental footprint.


The Future of Heat Exchange: Alfa Laval Heat Exchangers offer a double benefit: enhanced environmental responsibility through resource reduction and increased operational efficiency for your business.


Amazon Filters - ESI Technologies ESI Green Range

1 Filter, 1kg Less CO2: Amazons innovative, sustainable filter range utilises renewable polypropylene, reducing your environmental impact with every filter you use. For each 30″ Meltblown filter, that’s 1kg less CO2 released into the atmosphere!


Sustainable Performance, Uncompromised Filtration: The flagship SupaSpun II, SupaGard, and Contour ranges are now available in a sustainable version that delivers exceptional filtration while minimizing your environmental impact.


Invest in a Greener Future: Choose Amazon Filters and embrace a sustainable future for your business. Reduce your carbon footprint and operate responsibly, all while maintaining peak filtration performance.


Reduce Your Carbon Footprint by 11%: The Saunders® P345 Actuator operates on a lower pressure (4.5 bar) compared to traditional models. This innovative design translates to significant CO2 emission reductions while also minimizing your energy costs.


Sustainable Actuation, Powerful Performance: The P345 doesn’t compromise on power for efficiency. It delivers reliable performance while reducing your environmental impact.


Invest in a Sustainable Future: Choose the Saunders® P345 Actuator and make a statement for environmental responsibility. Lower your carbon footprint and optimize energy consumption without sacrificing performance.

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