Product Benefits

4.5 Bar Operating Pressure

  • Reduced TCO through reduction in air consumption

Industry Leading Closure Performance

  • 8 bar (PTFE diaphragm) & 10 bar (Rubber Diaphragm) at 100% DeltaP

Lightweight Construction

  • 25% improvement in weight, vs typical stainless steel actuator

Eco Friendly

  • Can deliver up to 11% reduction in Carbon Footprint and Energy Consumption through the reduced operating pressure requirements.


Technical Data


  • Actuator Housing: Polyamide
  • Bonnet: Stainless Steel


  • DN8 (0.25″”) – DN50 (2.00″”)


  • Elastomer Diaphragm – 10 bar (145 PSI®)
  • PTFE Diaphragm – 8 bar (116 PSI®)


  • MAX: 100°C (212°F)
  • MIN: -10°C (14°F)


  • Spring-to-Close


  • Saunders- VUE Sensors (direct mount)
  • Limit open stop (spring to close mode)
  • Positioners


  • Valve Size
  • Modes of operation
  • Operating Pressure
  • Date of Manufacturing


  • Unique compressors design enabling easy compressor conversion to support PTFE and Rubber diaphragm requirements


Sterile BioPharm applications

Energy Savings

Comparison savings when using a P345 Saunders HC4 pneumatic actuator.

Note: The following comparison / savings is based on a compressor system running at a typical 6 barG supply.

Note: This is currently the common supply an actuator requires) and by comparison a compressor system using the P345 Saunders actuator requires only 4.5 barG supply and therefore the following energy savings can be expected. Based on over 50 energy assessments of mid-sized industries, we found that the average unit energy cost of compressed air ranges from about $0.15 to $0.35 per thousand standard cubic feet and frequently comprises between 5% to 20% of a plant’s annual electric costs

  • A 6 bar supply compressor system = 111.85 Kw power.
  • Using a P345 Saunders actuator, requires a 4.5 Bar supply, providing the user with a 11% power saving, reducing the power to 99.68 Kw.
  • Using the same comparison (6 Bar vs 4.5 Bar) Kw per year on a 6 Bar system = 979,806 Kw/year vs 873,223 Kw/year, proving the user with a 106,583 Kw/year reduction/saving.
  • At a cost of $0.35 kWh the Saunder P345 actuator provides a $37,304 monetary saving on power consumption.
  • The CO2 Emissions reduced by 14,380 per year CO2 kg per Kw.
  • This saving is the equivalent of planting 14 new trees (A typical tree absorbs 21 CO2 kg/year).

Figures / data can be found on the table below: –

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