Saunders S360 Actuator

Product Benefits

Easy Compressor Change

The Saunders® S360 has a unique compressor attachment that permits easy conversion of the compressor between rubber and PTFE diaphragms, minimising the need to hold two sets of actuators in stock.


  • Modular range delivers a compact dimensional envelope to reduce dead-leg between associated valves and optimises system design.
  • Maintenance-free piston technology provides powerful closure performance.
  • Smooth corrosion-resistant profile optimises cleanability.


The Saunders® S360 Actuator has been designed and engineered to deliver optimum performance over the full range of operating conditions found in bioprocess plants. The diaphragm in a weir type diaphragm valve has a large wetted surface that is exposed to pressure in the process line. This means that line pressure has a large impact on required actuator opening and closing forces.

The majority of applications produce pressure on one side of the weir only. This condition is typically called 100% pressure drop, or 100% ΔP. When this occurs, only half the wetted area of the diaphragm is exposed to line pressure.

The force on the diaphragm is greatest when there is pressure on both the upstream and downstream sides of the weir. This condition is generally called 0% pressure drop, or 0% ΔΔP. When this occurs the total wetted area of the diaphragm is exposed to line pressure. This is not a common condition in Biopharma applications.

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