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A Globe Valve is a precision linear motion valve that serves the essential functions of stopping, starting, and regulating fluid flow in various industries.

Principle of Operation 

The fundamental principle of Globe Valve operation involves the perpendicular movement of the plug away from the seat. This action gradually closes the annular space between the plug and seat ring as the valve is closed. The unique design of the Globe Valve optimises its throttling ability, making it suitable for precise flow regulation.

The Globe Valve can be employed to stop and start the fluid flow, as well as to regulate the flow rate. Depending on the configuration, the plug can close against or in the same direction as the fluid flow. When the plug closes against the flow, the kinetic energy of the fluid assists in the valve opening, although it poses resistance during closing.

How Does a Globe Valve Differ? 

In comparison to a Gate Valve, a Globe Valve exhibits significantly reduced seat leakage. This advantage arises from the plug-to-seat ring contact occurring at right angles, allowing the closing force to effectively seat the plug and minimize leakage.

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