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What Is a Globe Valve? 

A globe valve is a linear motion valve used to stop, start, and regulate fluid flow. 

Principle Of Operation 

The essential principle of globe valve operation is the perpendicular movement of the plug away from the seat.  

This causes the annular space between the plug and seat ring to gradually close as the valve is closed. This characteristic gives the globe valve an optimised throttling ability, which permits its use in regulating flow. 

The globe valve may be used for both stopping and starting fluid flow and for regulating flow. 

Globe valves can be arranged so that the plug closes against, or in the same direction of fluid flow. When the plug closes against the direction of flow, the kinetic energy of the fluid impedes closing but aids in the opening of the valve. Control Valve

How Does a Globe Valve Differ? 

When compared to a gate valve, a globe valve generally yields much less seat leakage. This is because the plug-to-seat ring contact is more at right angles, which permits the force of closing to seat the plug.  

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