Fisher GX Control Valve

Product Benefits

  • Easy to size and select.
  • No actuator sizing required; one actuator per port diameter minimises selection errors
  • Optimized actuator allows for a wide range of air supply.
  • Engineered for easy maintenance.
  • Maximum part commonality across sizes – fewer recommended spare parts in inventory
  • Trim is replaceable.
  • Low lifetime costs.
  • Robust, low-profile design.


The live-loaded system provides excellent stem sealing and extended service life. Live-loaded graphite ULF packing and extension bonnets are available for high-temperature applications. Both linear and equal percentage flow characteristics are available in full port and restricted trim. Micro-FlowTM is available for applications requiring low flow control capability.

Standard valve body materials are carbon steel and stainless steel. Alloy materials are available for valve body sizes DN 15 through DN 100 (0.5 through 4-inch) for highly corrosive applications.

Integrated Air Supply. When mounted with the DVC2000 Series digital valve controller, the Design GX uses an integrated actuator air supply system

In the air-to-open construction, the air is supplied to the lower actuator casing via a port on the actuator yoke face — no tubing is required

In the air-to-close configuration, the air is supplied to the upper casing via tubing.

The design architecture has been optimised to maximise the use of common parts across sizes.

The actuator stem and stem connector are used across all GX sizes.


The GX product line lets you meet a wide range of flow and pipeline sizing requirements.

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