At ESI Technologies Group we supply and source a wide range of process equipment for the Chemical sector.

ESI Technologies has been supplying process equipment to the Chemical Industry in the UK for over 20 years. Our product range is approved by some of the world’s largest blue chip manufacturers including some of the UK’s top-tier Comah sites.

Habonim’s HermetiX Stem Sealing in their Ball Valve range gives Fugitive Emission Protection in accordance with ISO15848-1. In addition, Habonim takes this HermetiX stem seal technology and applies it to their Double Block and Bleed Valve range, which allows sites to reduce their footprint by choosing a lugged pattern design that can prevent the need for expensive Pipework Modifications. This style of valve is a perfect solution to reduce additional leak paths and added weight and helps site upgrade isolations to the Safe Isolation of Plant and Equipment – HSG 253.

ESI also work with leading Chemical companies supplying Rupture Discs in the most challenging applications and we pride ourselves on our technical ability to find the best solution for the client. The HPX family of Rupture Discs are best in class and provide unrivalled performance delivering increased up-time, longer inspection and change-out intervals along with a more cost-competitive product.

For on-site outages and shutdowns, ESI has field service and commissioning engineers that can visit the site to carry out essential maintenance, flow scanning, control valve commissioning, valve installation and inspections.

Typical Supply to the Chemical Industry:

Not only are we the market leading product supplier in the chemical industry, more importantly, but we are also known as “Solution Providers”.

What do we mean by Solutions Provider?

We review your process requirements and propose products or solutions that specifically fit your application. If needed, we have a full-service department both in-house and external that can assemble, fit, commission and overhaul your equipment. ESI treat our customers as partners and together we strive to increase reliability and performance to achieve our long-term objectives to reduce downtime and exceed their expectations This long-term approach allows our customers to focus on what they do best and anything related to the process equipment is handled by ESI.

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