At ESI Technologies Group, we supply and source a wide range of process equipment for the Power sector.

We excel in providing solutions for the increasingly complex and unpredictable challenges that face the power industry, having won several large projects in recent years. Our excellence stems from the combination of top-quality products and competent factory-trained engineers who understand the importance of efficiencies and the life cycle costs of the plant.

ESI boasts a team of dedicated product specialists who will visit and assess the systems on-site, offering solutions for any issues and showcasing potential savings through process or product improvement. Our areas of particular expertise include Triple and Quadruple Offset valves, Control Valves, Trunnion and High-Pressure Ball Valves, Safety Relief Valves, Bursting Discs, Steam Handling, and Instrumentation.

For on-site outages and shutdowns, ESI provides field service and commissioning engineers who can visit the site to carry out essential maintenance, flow scanning, control valve commissioning, valve installation, and inspections.

Typical Supply to the Power Industry:

Not only are we the market-leading product suppliers in the Power industry, but more importantly, we are known as “Solutions Providers”.

What do we mean by “Solutions Provider”?

We will review your process requirements and propose products or solutions that specifically fit your application. If needed, we have a full-service department both in-house and on the road that can assemble, fit, commission, and overhaul your equipment. At ESI, we treat our customers as partners, and together we strive to increase reliability and performance to achieve our long-term objectives of reducing downtime and exceeding their expectations. This long-term approach allows our customers to focus on what they do best, while anything related to the process equipment is expertly handled by ESI.

For more information, to book a site visit, or request a quote, please send us an enquiry or call us in Ireland at +353 21 4510900 or in the UK at +44 1633 877505.

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