HPX Insert Holder

Product Benefits

  • A durable tapered sealing surface on the holder inlet that, along with proper installation and handling. provides a bubble-tight (with no air bubbles detected with leak detection fluid) metal-to-metal seal between the holder inlet and rupture disc.
  • The holder inlet protects the rupture disc dome during the installation of the assembly into the piping system.
  • The holder outlet bore incorporates an arcuate that provides a radiused hinge for the rupture disc petal to form around preventing fragmentation of the rupture disc.
  • As standard, the holder will come with a spiral groove facing per ASME B16.₅, which will provide a surface finish between 125 and 250 micro-inches (3.2 to 6.3 micrometres)
  • 1″- 8″ HPX holders can be directly coupled with a safety relief valve. HPX-RH and HPX-PT-RH are not designed to be directly coupled with a safety relief valve. The 10″ (250mm) and 12″ (300mm) HPX holders require a spool piece when used under a safety relief valve.

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