Burst Disc Indicator Alarm System

Product Benefits

The B.D.I. The alarm Strip is composed of copper conductors adhered to a thin strip of KAPTON® film. Tantalum conductors are available for some applications. The conductors pass through the burst disc seating area for Integral B.D.I. designs or flange gasket facing for Universal B.D.I. designs, terminating with your choice of a moulded plug or bare leads.

The B.D.I. Alarm Strip is manufactured as either an Integral B.D.I. or a Universal B.D.I. design, dependent upon the burst disc product it is to mate with (See page 4 of Datasheet). The Universal B.D.I. design is compatible with rupture disc/holder assemblies designed to install between bolted flange standards including ASME, DIN, and JIS. Custom designs are also available, contact ESI for details. Standard gaskets are asbestos-free fibre-bound material or an optional GYLON® 3500 silica-filled PTFE material.

Maximum current: 50 milliamp
Maximum voltage: 24 VDC RMS
Operational Temperature Range: -40 to +400 ºF (-40 to +204 ºC)
B.D.I.® Alarm Strip has been certified for use in “potentially explosive atmospheres” according to the requirements of the European Union, ATEX Directive 2014/34/EU
Standard gaskets are asbestos free fibre-bound material

Technical Data

Continental Disc’s design has been proven through years of testing, both in the field and in our ASME-accepted flow testing laboratory. This testing has proved the reliability of the alarm strip when used with Continental Disc Corporation bursting discs. The B.D.I. Alarm Strip does not affect the life or performance of the rupture disc (bursting disc).

The B.D.I Alarm Strip is carefully designed and manufactured with the following in mind:

  • Resistant to chemical attack and corrosion
  • Usable over a wide range of temperatures
  • Easily replaceable upon disc rupture
  • Compatible with standard design Continental Disc Corporation rupture discs


Rupture disc applications which can incorporate a B.D.I. Alarm System are limitless and found across a broad spectrum of industries and processes, and where an instant notification of an overpressure or vacuum event is required.

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