High performance HPX reverse-acting discs available at higher burst pressures

High Pressure Rupture Discs

High pressure bursting discs for plants where production includes batch processing runs where operating conditions and media may change frequently

HPX rupture/bursting discs from Continental Disc Corporation, the industry standard in bursting discs, are now available in expanded pressure ranges

Higher pressures are now available in the 1 – 3″ (25 – 80mm) sizes with burst pressures up to 2,000 psig (138 barg)

Benefits of this addition include:

  • Compatible with HPX Insert, HPX-PT (pre-torqued) or HPX Double Disc holders
  • Flow optimisation of the HPX holder and rupture disc assembly is characterised by best-in-class certified Kr factors of 0.29 for gas/vapour relief or 0.38 for liquid relief
  • A durable tapered sealing surface on the holder inlet that, along with proper installation and handling, provides a bubble-tight (no air bubbles detected with leak detection fluid) metal-to-metal seal between the holder inlet and rupture disc
  • Lower maintenance costs
  • Increased productivity of your system

Rupture discsFor a data sheet on high pressure bursting discs click here

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