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Incorrect Installation of Rupture Disc – Case Study

ESI were recently called to a Pharmaceutical site where they were having issues with Rupture discs failing. Read our case study…..

CDC rupture (bursting) discs – Still Cycling to the Limits

Tested to its absolute limits, the rupture disc still emerges as the strongest solution for your last line of defense. In a market where inferior knockoffs deliver 20% that durability, Continental Disc tested a rupture disc to 5 million cycles without failure.

Announcement: ESI exclusive distributor for CDC in Scotland

As part of the ESI Technologies Group’s continued growth and expansion in the UK we are delighted to announce that we have been appointed the exclusive distributor for all Continental Disc Corporation (CDC) rupture / bursting disc products in Scotland

How many cycles can a rupture disc achieve before failing?

A rupture disc was subjected to over 5 million pressure/vacuum cycles without failure then passed all non-destructive testing to confirm the disc integrity.

The cost benefit of high-cycling bursting discs for autoclaves

Prevent premature failure of rupture discs under vacuum on autoclaves. CDC HPX disc with 5,000,000 cycles, the highest in the industry.

High performance HPX reverse-acting discs available at higher burst pressures

High pressure bursting discs: HPX rupture discs from CDC, the industry standard in rupture discs, are now available in expanded pressure ranges

HPX Tantalum Rupture Disc for Use in Highly Corrosive Media

Tantalum rupture discs for applications where highly corrosive media is present

Reducing the Risk of Premature Failure of Bursting Discs on Vessels & Autoclaves

Prevent premature rupture disc failure on reactor vessels / autoclaves under high pressure & vacuum cycles and the potential loss of very expensive product

Prevent Premature Rupture Disc Failure on Gas Compressor cooling systems

Problem: Premature Rupture Disc Failure. Rupture discs used to protect heat exchangers on gas compressor systems have been known to burst early, or leak

Sanitary / Aseptic tank connectors – Zero Dead Leg tank connectors

What are the benefits of Sanitary / Aseptic Tank connectors?