NovAseptic® GMP Mixers – a Smart Choice for your Application

NovAseptic mixers / agitators are a smart choice for your biotech, pharmaceutical, chemical or food and beverage applications, because they work differently from conventional mixers. NovAseptic mixers use a magnetic coupling to transmit torque from the motor to the impeller, which means there is no shaft and therefore no seal (which is the usual cause of ingress or contamination) that can cause problems. Here is how a NovAseptic mixer works:

  • The motor is mounted on the outside of the vessel, and it drives a magnetic rotor that is attached to the male bearing.
  • The magnetic rotor creates a magnetic field that crosses the vessel wall and reaches the impeller, which has a matching magnetic ring.
  • The impeller rotates in sync with the motor, creating a mixing action inside the vessel.
  • NovAseptic mixers are ideally suited for different mixing needs, such as blending, suspending, dispersing, or emulsifying.
NovAseptic Mixer / Agitator - Magnets
NovAseptic Mixer - parts section
NovAseptic mixer bearing head with magnet - agitator

NovAseptic® GMP Mixer Advantages

NovAseptic mixers have many advantages over conventional mixers, such as:

  • No shaft seal: This eliminates the risk of leakage, contamination, wear and tear, and maintenance costs.
  • Easy installation and maintenance: NovAseptic mixers are compact and lightweight, and they can be installed and removed without opening the vessel. They also have no moving parts in contact with the product, which reduces the risk of mechanical failure and simplifies maintenance.
  • High mixing performance: NovAseptic mixers can handle low to high viscosity fluids, as well as shear-sensitive or delicate products. They have a wide range of impeller options to suit different mixing requirements.
  • Sterile design: NovAseptic mixers comply with the latest industry standards and regulations for sterile mixing, such as ASME BPE, EHEDG and FDA. They have a smooth and crevice-free surface finish, a self-draining design and a sterile barrier that prevents microbial ingress.

If you want to know more about NovAseptic GMP mixers and how they can improve your process efficiency and product quality, contact ESI Technologies Group today. ESI Technologies Group is the leading supplier of Process Equipment & Engineering Solutions for the Biotech, Pharmaceutical, Chemical, Semi-Conductor and Food & Beverage Industries in Ireland and the UK. ESI has over 100 years of experience in providing innovative solutions for various process applications.

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