Product Benefits

  • NA Connect means No dead-legs – speeds up and ensures quality of CIP/SIP, makes validation easier
  • Flexible – fast and easy to adjust your process system, even for unforeseen needs
  • In-line version – fast and easy to adjust your process system, gives the best conditions for control of the  total process
  • Easy and Safe – easy maintenance and the risk of human error is reduced
  • Total aseptic design – NovAseptic Connectors prevent contamination problems and contribute to a clean environment even outside the vessel
  • PED certified products are approved by Notified Body, saving time and money
  • 3.1.B certificate on all wetted parts
  • Full traceability of all wetted parts


Equipment with TC (TriClamp) connections such as sampling devices, valves or pressure gauges can create dead legs that prevent adequate cleaning and air pockets that prevent sterilization.

NovAseptic NA Connectors are flush mounted and therefore eliminate these problems, saving time and money by speeding up CIP/SIP and making validation easier.

Tank Connected or In-Line

NovAseptic Connectors are available in a tank connected version and also as an in-line solution. The increasing demand for traceability and control during a process makes NovAseptic Connectors when used together with the NovaSeptum® closed sampling system the ultimate solution for total process monitoring control.

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