Food and Beverage

At ESI Technologies Group we supply and source a wide range of process equipment for the Food and Beverage industry.

Why choose ESI for your process equipment?

Whatever the application, our process equipment offering enables our customers to manufacture and supply their highest quality products to consumers at competitive prices – while maintaining the highest levels of hygiene and maintaining their desired taste qualities. Other products in our range offer increased reliability and performance to keep your plant running around the clock with minimum downtime.

Typical equipment supplied:

Few companies can supply such a broad range of process equipment, backed up with product expertise. ESI offers a vast product range, reducing the need for multiple suppliers.

ESI understand that for the Food and Beverage industry, large benefits and areas of savings would be dry vacuum systems over liquid or oil-type vacuum pumps for example. Also, Since ESI are the main partner for Alfa Laval in Ireland we can support sites right through their process to get the product in and out efficiently, this includes mixing efficiencies that can be gained by considering a bottom mag-mixer for mixing to the last drop. This also has the added benefit of complete homogenization throughout your vessel. Heating and cooling are also time and energy consumers in the food and beverage industry, however with ESI application expertise and supported by world-class partners such as Alfa Laval we can supply a range of heat exchangers to increase production and reduce energy spending.

When working in the food production business ESI understands the importance of up-time and also maintenance support. Therefore, ESI also offers free Site Surveys for food and beverage sites and based on our 350 years of combined process application knowledge we can help with the right level of spares selection to maximize plant uptime and reduce costs of holding unnecessary spares on the shelf. We will review your process requirements and propose products or solutions that specifically fit your application. If needed, we have a full-service department both in-house and external that can assemble, fit, commission and overhaul your equipment. ESI treat our customers as partners and together we strive to increase reliability and performance to achieve our long-term objectives to reduce downtime and exceed their expectations. This long-term approach allows our customers to focus on what they do best and ESI handles anything related to the process equipment.

For more information, to book a site visit or request a quote, please send us an enquiry or call us in Ireland at +353 21 4510900, and in the UK at +44 1633 877505.

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