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The In-place Cleanability of the NovAseptic Valve was made according to the test procedure of the EHEDG (European Hygenic & Design Group.) The EHEDG is an independent consortium formed to develop guidelines and test methods for sale and hygienic processing.


The test results show that the NovAseptic Valve is at least as cleanable in place as the reference pipe under described circumstances.


The valve will be cleaned when the cleaning procedure is designed for the tank or the system.


The main features of NovAseptic Valves that give them their fine reputation include:

  • CIP/SIP – Compatible
  • Low product hold-up – Saves money
  • Engineering flexibility
  • No dead leg – No risk of contamination
  • Drainable – Excellent aseptic performance


Millipore’s clients currently include many of the world’s top companies in the pharmaceutical, biotech and food industries – located throughout Europe, the United States and Asia. Millipore Sales constitute an international force, able to solve problems related to aseptic processes using innovative technical solutions. NovAseptic Valves are chosen for a wide range of different applications in processes of different types.

WFI and PW

The NovAseptic Valve is often used as a take-off valve in WFI and PW systems due to its superior design. This design enables a tap point without any dead leg and pressure drop in the main loop with the opportunity to CIP/SIP the downstream pipe from the tap valve to the point of use.

Injection Solutions

Processes for manufacturing injection solutions are critical applications for which many companies use NovAseptic Tank Outlet Valves and Process Valves as their first choice.


NovAseptic Valves are used in many fermentation applications, in both the pharmaceutical and food industries.


Entire production facilities for vaccines are built using NovAseptic Valves. Important features that are taken into consideration include low hold-up volumes and CIP/SIP.

Filling Machines

NovAseptic Valves are used in many different types of filling equipment in both the pharmaceutical and the food industries, to ensure aseptic conditions from storage tank to packing.

Feedback from End Users

End users often mention the same features when it comes to NovAseptic Valves, namely:

  • Low hold-up volumes and no dead legs result in a high recovery rate for expensive/valuable products
  • Compact sizes which are important for engineering flexibility
  • Low-pressure drops
  • Potential for customized solutions
  • Easy handling

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