Product Benefits

Hygienic Mixer Design

NovAseptic mixers are engineered for optimal performance, reliability, durability and ease of maintenance. The design and development of each component is focused on aseptic design and based on more than 20 years of experience.

Magnetically coupled

One of the significant advantages of the magnetic drive is that it enables the total integrity of the tank. No shaft is led through the tank wall which could cause leakage and challenge the integrity of the vessel and its contents.

Bearing Design

NA Design type

Heat Shrink

Ensures no dead space between mixing head and bearing and eliminates glue as a source of product contamination. There are other designs out there such as glue, Fixed-Threaded and Ball bearing but none is more proven than the heat shrink technology.

Bearing Material

NA uses Silicone Carbide design as it’s the hardest of the common ceramics with the longest wear life. SiC is not a metal and prevents metal contamination of products where Zirconium Oxide and Wolfram Carbide can pose such a risk.


  • Batch number is identified, and quantity is verified against the purchase order.
  • All parts in contact with media are marked with individual ID numbers for full traceability.
  • Measurements are verified against the corresponding drawing.
  • The surface finish is measured with a Perthometer to ensure that the Ra value corresponds to the specific order.
  • Each drive unit is test-driven before delivery.
  • Bottom mounted mixing to the last drop
  • No Mechanical seals – no contamination risk
  • Elimination of baffles – Effective CIP
  • High aseptic design – Effective CIP / SIP
  • Easy maintenance


Gentle Blending or Heat transfer

Miscible or soluble fluids of different volumes and densities, water & alcohol.

Wetting out of powders or solid materials that dissolve in water

i.e. sugar & salt at concentrations below saturation.

Mixing of immiscible liquids (i.e. oil dispersed in water)

Create stable emulsion by reducing the droplet size of oil.
The stabilising agent is sometimes added (surfactant) to keep in suspension.

Particle size reduction, de-agglomeration, suspensions

Suspending is dispersing of solid particles into a liquid.


Dispersion of a viscosity-building gum or hydrocolloid.
May take from seconds to minutes to hydrate.

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