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Benefits of CDC Rupture Discs

Continental Disc Corp (CDC) bursting disc is a type of rupture disc that is designed to protect pressure vessels, equipment or systems from over pressurisation or vacuum conditions. The disc can respond to both positive and negative pressure changes. 

CDC bursting discs have several benefits compared to other types of relief devices:

  • Fast response time: CDC bursting (rupture) discs can open in milliseconds or microseconds, depending on the size and design of the disc. This allows for rapid pressure relief and prevents damage to the equipment or system.
  • Leak-tightness: CDC discs are made of metal or metal alloys, which provide a high degree of seal integrity and prevent leakage of process fluids or gases. This reduces the risk of environmental contamination, corrosion, product loss and fire hazards.
  • Cost-effectiveness: CDC bursting discs are cheaper to install and maintain than pressure relief valves, which require periodic testing, calibration and replacement. CDC bursting discs also reduce the size and weight of the relief system, which lowers the installation and operational costs.
  • Wide range of applications: CDC bursting discs can be used in various industries and processes, such as petrochemical, aerospace, nuclear, chemical, pharmaceutical, food processing and oil field applications. They can also be used in combination with pressure relief valves, isolating the valves from the process and saving on valve maintenance.

CDC bursting discs can also be used as triggering devices to initiate a sequence of actions required by safety systems.

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