Emerson Rosemount 8721 Hygienic Magnetic Flow Meter Sensors

Product Benefits

  • Compact lightweight stainless steel design which enables easy installation.
  • Relies on FDA-approved materials such as a 3-A finish certified by EHEDG for use in Grade A milk.
  • The fully-welded meter body design allows for safety in hygienic applications.
  • The sensor is CIP

Technical Data

  • Accuracy: Up to 0.25% of volumetric flow rate accuracy over 13:1 flow turndowns, 0.5% over 40:1 flow turndown
  • Line Sizes: ½-4 inch (15-100 mm)
  • Liner Materials: @PFA
  • Electrode Materials: 316L Stainless Steel, Nickel Alloy, Platinum. Consult ESI for additional material options.
  • Process Connections: Tri-Clamp® Sanitary Coupling. IDF Sanitary Coupling (screw type). Weld Nipple. DIN 11851 (Imperial and Metric). DIN 11864 (-1 and -2 Form A). SMS 1145. DEN US 50 Weld Nipple.
  • Product Certifications: 3-A, EHEDG Type EL, PMO (M-b-350).
  • Interchangeability: Compatible with all 8700 Series transmitters. Compatible with Legacy transmitters: 8712D, 8712C, 8732C, 8742C.


  • Food & Beverage Industries.
  • Pharmaceutical Hygienic Applications.

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