At ESI Technologies Group, we supply and source a wide range of process equipment for the Semiconductor sector.

ESI has been collaborating with one of the world’s largest Semiconductor companies in Ireland since 1989 when they first began manufacturing in the country.

In the UK, we have a sole supply agreement for process valves with one of the world’s leading OEMs in the Semiconductor Industry globally. With over 30 years of experience, we are highly familiar with the specific needs and demands of this industry.

The Semiconductor sector is characterised by its complexity and rapid pace of innovation. Projects within this industry are executed on aggressive timelines, leaving little room for error. Due to the stringent specifications and global replication of plants, it is crucial to adopt a “right-first-time approach.”

Drawing upon ESI’s 100 years of experience in the process industry, we leverage our vast knowledge to maintain a database of approved specifications and conduct rigorous checks on overall data sheets in advance of procurement. In fact, we often second some of our personnel on site months before a project on a consultancy basis to assist with process equipment selection.

To meet the demanding timelines, we work closely with our supply partners to proactively order castings in advance. Additionally, we operate a Kanban system, ensuring that we hold several months’ worth of consignment stock to effectively manage supply and demand.

As changes often occur rapidly during projects, we maintain a high level of flexibility and collaborate with our trusted factory relationships within the supply chain to adjust orders on the go, ensuring on-time project delivery.

Drawing upon our experience, we have implemented specialised expediting templates managed by our Customer Service and Support Division (CS&S). These templates are utilised by both end users and contractual partners to expedite project delivery within schedule.

Furthermore, we have a dedicated Documentation Department responsible for ensuring all necessary paperwork is accurate and prepared in a timely manner to facilitate the smooth operation of the plants.

Initially, ESI primarily supplied equipment to the utility side of the industry, including Vacuum Skids, Centrifugal Pump Skids, Filtration Skids, and component supplies such as Emerson control valves and instrumentation.

In recent years, we have expanded our offerings to include high-purity process equipment, such as Valex tubing, Diaphragm valves, and Filtration.

Typical Supply to the Semiconductor Industry:

Not only are we the leading suppliers of products in the semiconductor industry, but more importantly, we are renowned as “Solutions Providers”.

What do we mean by “Solutions Providers”?

We thoroughly review your process requirements and propose tailored products or solutions that precisely fit your application. If necessary, we have a dedicated in-house and on-the-road full-service department capable of assembling, fitting, commissioning, and overhauling your equipment. This exemplifies who we are at ESI, as we view the relationship between ourselves and our customers as a partnership, where both parties mutually benefit. Our long-term approach enables our customers to focus on their core competencies while entrusting us with all aspects related to the process equipment.

For more information, to book a site visit, or to request a quote, please send us an enquiry or call us in Ireland at +353 21 4510900, and in the UK at +44 1633 877505.

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