7 features that allow Habonim give a 7 year warranty with their Compact Actuator

Habonim give a 7 year warranty on their compact 4-piston actuator where other (2-piston) manufacturers give a 1 year warranty

Here are seven features:

  1. Higher Torque: 4 pistons – double the torque of conventional 2-piston actuators
  2. Space saving: by reducing the piston diameter it’s possible to supply a much smaller actuator whilst still maintaining its high torque
  3. Fast acting: shorter piston travel from end to end
  4. Less air consumption: the compact size and short piston travel means less air required and hence energy saving on expensive compressors
  5. Pistons with balanced forces: no side-loading on the floating pistons, no steady-bearing or guide rods needed
  6. Nested springs: 4 spring chambers and a combination of 3 springs per chamber gives the compact more spring combinations than conventional actuators
  7. Superior corrosion resistance: anodised internally and externally with additional external epoxy base layer and a second polyurethane paint layer

The result is less wear: the Compact’s unique 4-piston design achieves a more uniform load distribution than 2-piston actuators, therefore greatly reducing wear at the points of contact between rack and pinion

That’s why Habonim can offer a 7 year warranty on their compact 4-piston actuator

Review the video that describes the features:

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