Habonim IMPACT Spring Assist

Product Benefits

The IMPACT™ comes in one size only which fits all size actuators making it a simple and easy solution for all the actuators on site or in inventory. Used with any actuator The IMPACT™ can be used with any type of spring return actuator, be it linear or rotary such as Rack and pinion (single piston, double piston, four pistons), Scotch-Yoke, Spring-Diaphragm, Vane type and Worm gear.

Technical Data

The IMPACT™ also functions as a Breather Block that isolates the spring chamber from the atmosphere, and as a check valve that ensures that the temporary reduction of the compressed air pressure does not trigger the movement of the valve and actuator to the mid-position.

The IMPACT™ is used for on/off systems only, and cannot be used for control applications.

  • Boosts the torque of any spring return actuator
  • One size down actuator for the same functionality
  • Increases system reliability
  • Internal Breather Block
  • No external energy required
  • NAMUR interface
  • Single mechanical unit


The IMPACT™ can be utilized directly on site where operating conditions may occur that cause functional disorders or become a safety issue. Some typical examples are given here:

  • Actuators that are not achieving their published torque output can have the IMPACT™ field mounted to improve their reliability without having to replace them or stop the process.
  • In situations where unexpected pressure drops occur, such as at the beginning of a day’s work or when additional accessories are added to a system, the IMPACT™ will keep the pressure level at its maximum and prevent the actuators from shifting from their position.
  • In many cases it is possible to substitute a smaller actuator with the IMPACT™ and achieve the torque output of a larger actuator.
  • The IMPACT™ will increase the reliability and safety margin of existing actuators. The additional torque provided to existing actuators extends their life and reduces maintenance.
  • Ideal for critical applications where quick-closing actuators are required.
  • It will help “self-opening” valves keep their shut-off position

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