Case Study: Butterfly valves in abrasive applications

We completed the replacement of an isolation / partial control valve with an EBRO Butterfly Valve for a potash company, where the abrasive solution was causing severe and frequent wear

The problem:

  • Abrasive potash solution causing extreme wear
  • Due to wear the original valve was no longer capable of flow control or isolation
  • Maintenance staff needed down-time to effect a change-out which interfered with production

The plant had replaced the original valve with a rubber-lined plug valve in an effort to eliminate or at least reduce the MTBF. This did improve the MTBF to approx 6 months but the valve was expensive. In addition, due to the size of the new valve a change-out was a time-consuming exercise, taking two men a full day to complete, which added to production down time

The solution:

  • we supplied the site with a 6″ Ebro Z011-A Butterfly Valve
  • the valve was fitted with standard options of a polyurethane liner and a UHMW PE Disc
  • both the liner and disc are designed for highly abrasive applications
  • the butterfly valve has bubble-tight shut-off

As this has historically been the most problematic application on the site, we offered to supply the new butterfly valve on a trial basis to prove its benefits

The butterfly valve was installed over a year ago and on routine periodic inspection (every 3 months) it has been removed and inspected for wear. To date, none has been found

The benefits for the site are:

  • extended MTBF of the valve
  • a significant up front capital cost saving against the previously used plug valve
  • cost saving in time – one man can complete all required tasks within a few hours
  • as the valve is lighter, the maintenance fitter has less difficulty with manhandling
  • increased production up time and reduced overall cost of ownership.

If your installation is suffering from poor valve performance due to abrasive applications send us a product enquiry or contact Brian Foley on Ireland: +353 21 4510900 or UK: +44 1633 877505

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