Habonim Compact II Actuator = Energy Saver

Habonim Compact II Actuator – Energy Cost Saver

The Habonim Compact II Actuator, based on patented 4-piston technology, is the most rugged actuator on the world market.

The main advantages of the Habonim Compact II Actuator are:


Compact II reduces the average air consumption by 50% due to compact physical size reducing energy costs.


Compact II four pistons generate twice the torque of comparably sized two-piston designs.

Compact Actuator torque


Compact II has a faster stroke due to shorter travel distances.


Compact II size is about 50% of a traditional 2-piston actuator with the same torque value, due to the 4-piston design.


Less wear of moving parts
(Piston & O-rings) than any traditional 2-piston actuator due to the design of the concentric piston.

Habonim Actuator

actuator springsactuator

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