Dry-Running Vacuum Pumps to handle liquid and solids carry over

Dry-running vacuum pumps are increasingly used for a range of applications within the chemical, pharmaceutical and other industries

These vacuum pumps are an integral part of the process and must satisfy a range of demanding requirements.

These include:

  • Generating low operating pressure
  • Minimising the disposal costs of any service liquid
  • Providing “uncontaminated” vacuum
  • Free from lubricant and service liquid
  • Offering the flexibility required for batch process operations
  • Low life-cycle costs

The Problem:

Dry vacuum pumps struggle with liquid and solids carry over


SIHIdry meets the need for a simple, robust and reliable vacuum pump that can handle liquid and solids carry-over as well as rapidly changing operating conditions.


  • drying
  • reactor charging
  • vacuum distillation
  • inert gas blanketing
  • product transfer
  • general process vacuum
  • central vacuum
  • and many more


  • corrosive gases & vapours
  • toxic and odorous gases
  • explosive gases & vapours
  • dust and liquid carry-over
  • and many more

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