Efficient EBRO T211 Butterfly Valve Component Replacement

Precision and Efficiency in Action: The EBRO T211 Series Butterfly Valve Liner / Disk Assembly and Elastomer Inlays Replacement

At ESI Technologies Group, we take pride in our commitment to precision, efficiency, and cutting-edge technology. In our latest project, we had the opportunity to showcase these qualities as we executed a replacement of the liner/disk assembly and elastomer inlays in the EBRO T211 Series Butterfly Valve. This innovative valve, known for its reliability and performance, required our expertise to ensure minimal downtime and optimal functionality.

The Challenge

The EBRO T211 Series Butterfly Valve is a critical component in various industrial applications, and any downtime can result in substantial production losses. Our challenge was to replace the liner/disk assembly and elastomer inlays without compromising the valve’s integrity, all while minimising the time it would be out of commission.

The Process

Step 1:

  • Remove body bolting.

Step 2:

  • Remove complete valve trim, ensuring all parts are clean.

Step 3:

  • Inlay the two elastomers up to the pusher.

Step 4:

  • Re-fit valve trim into the lower body half.

Step 5:

  • Check the position of the elastomers. If necessary, push down the elastomers carefully.

Step 6:

  • Attach the upper-body half accordingly.

Step 7:

  • Take note of the body marking and tighten the body bolting.

Step 8:

  • Tighten body bolting gradually and evenly step-by-step.

Step 9:

  • The disk has to be moved true the seat of the liner beyond the closed position and back, so the inner trim can settle.

Step 10:

  • Check the valve for required tightness before installation.

A Glimpse into our Team's Precision and Efficiency

Our team at ESI Technologies Group is committed to maintaining optimal performance with minimal downtime.

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