Electric water heating with the AlfaLaval Aalborg EH-W flow through electric heaters


As the world is moving towards greener solutions in all aspects of life, there are some good reasons to think about electric heating.Electric Heat Exchanger - Alfa Laval Aalborg EH-W

  • Electric heaters are extremely efficient. Upwards of 90% of the input power becomes heat.
  • You can use green electricity to power them. i.e if you have wind, solar or tidal power generation on-site, you now have a 100% green heating solution.
  • They can be mounted vertically or horizontally and take up far less footprint that a conventional shell and tube heat exchanger.
  • Traditional heating solutions use steam for water heating which has large heat losses and inefficiencies and also require condensate recovery systems to limit heat losses. Using electric Heaters overcomes this and also you don’t have to worry about piping a heat source to the heater, it just needs power.

The AlfaLaval Aalborg EH-W series of heat exchangers were originally conceived for the marine market, but can easily be applied to land based applications in any industry as it is fully CE/PED compliant. They are available in power ranges from 15 to 486kW.

They also offer the AlfaLaval Aalborg EH-S version (see picture below).

Electric Heat Exchanger - Alfa Laval Aalborg EH-S version
Alfa Laval Aalborg EH-S Version

The EH-S unit again was designed for the marine market, but again, it does have numerous land based uses. Below is a typical layout of how these units operate. It essentially operates as a “donkey boiler” for the main system, keeping it hot and providing a standby steam load as required. Typically when a ship is in port, rather than run the ships main engines and boiler which burn fuel, the operator can use this electric steam generator to keep the ship operating while in port.

For a large land based boiler, sometimes it can be difficult to get the low turn-down required when steam load demands drop off. An electric heater system like this, while not only greener, may be easier to control or indeed supplemental to the main boiler when needed.

Alfa Laval Aalborg EH diagram

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