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ESI started as Irish family business. Founded in 1919 as Southern Engineering by the Foley family, it was the primary supplier of process equipment in Ireland. Since 2002 ESI has also been active in UK with its own branch under the name ESI Process UK.

In 2013, ESI became part of the Indutrade Group. A listed Swedish multinational and a consortium of technical production and trading companies in the B-to-B market.

Today, ESI is a strong company with an important focus on the Life Science market, the Food market and the (fine) chemical market. The expertise and know-how of ESI specialists deliver for our customers. Optimizing customer processes is the main driver of ESI success. The high-quality product range is an essential basis for this, as is our service division.


Due to the success of ESI in Ireland and UK, the expansion of the activities in the Benelux market was a logical step in the company’s growth strategy. As in Ireland and UK, the Delft region focus’ on the development in the Life Science, Food and Process markets in the Benelux. The product range that is used focuses on stainless steel sanitary components, single-use components and systems. The Life Science and food market is an international market with local and international players. Due to the set-up of the Benelux branch, we are able to cooperate more broadly with the international players and offer better and broader support to our customers.

Sanitary solutions

ESI Technologies specialises in products and solutions in the Life Science industry, thus with Pharmaceutical, Biotech, Veterinary, Food and API applications. These applications have high demands on product quality, hygienic design, certification and validation and that is where ESI will offer solutions and service.

Market trend in single-use

An important trend and development that we see in the Life Science market is the use of single-use components and systems to replace stainless steel. The big advantage is that the products are “ready-to-use”, there is no need for cleaning and / or sterilization as with stainless steel systems, so less risk of cross contamination. ESI will achieve the optimum customer solution by cooperation with leading players and manufacturers in this single-use technology such as: AdvantaPure, Entegris, Levitronix Foxx Life Sciences.

The customer

The ESI approach is focused on the process of the customer. The production process is analysed together with the customer, based on the customer needs and the capabilities, giving advice and proposing solutions to optimize the process, both technically and economically.

More than products

In addition to specific technical products and systems, ESI offers several services like order management, stock management and custom-specific logistics. There are even complete solutions available for supply chain management, EDI and logistics integration between ESI and the end user.

Advice and support

Not just in Ireland and England, but also in Benelux we are capable to support international and local relationships and to advise and provide solutions regarding process optimisation. For more information please contact us on tel. +31 85 049 9770 or e-mail:


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