ESI Supports Entrepreneurs

ESI Supporting Entrepreneurs

ESI Technologies Group was founded because of an entrepreneurial effort taken by the Foley family in 1919.

We are part of the Indutrade Group whose philosophy is also based on entrepreneurship and leadership. ESI & Indutrade feel inspired to help future entrepreneurs thrive in the market as we have.  

Together we have the opportunity to give the next generation of entrepreneurs and innovators a head start in the race to build their own business in an ever-evolving landscape of commercial viability! 

Prize For Innovation

The MTU ‘Prize for Innovation is an annual competition that awards cash prizes to those whose inventions and business ideas are judged the most creative, novel, innovative, and likely to succeed in the marketplace. This competition is open to all departments within the University and can enter as an individual or team initiative.

Previous winners of this competition have developed products/services that have:

  • Reduced the failure rate of eye surgery for strabismus
  • Increased the efficiency of the breakdown of Biopolymer Chitin
  • Improved the lives of those who suffer from sleep paralysis
  • Streamlined the delivery of insulin to those with diabetes
  • Advanced the safety of patients in a clinical environment

ESI is very proud to sponsor a new prize category this year, ‘Most Positive Environmental Impact’ with a cash prize of €1,000. Both ESI Technologies Group and the wider Indutrade Group’s sustainability strategy represents a shared commitment to continuously develop and improve in ways that are economically, environmentally, and socially responsible. 

Student Inc.

Student Inc. was established to encourage student entrepreneurs to be able to assess the feasibility of their commercial concepts, nurturing viable projects into marketable products/services.

Student inc. grant access to a network of entrepreneurs, trainers, mentors, and investors across the South-West region with provided ‘seed funding’.

This year ESI Technologies Group will be sponsoring a student with their ‘seed funding’€4,000. This funding allows the student to develop their product/service on-campus (MTU) in the Rubicon for the duration of the Summer.

ESI and Indutrade believe that students through entrepreneurship and innovation can succeed in building their own business and create employment in their own communities and become future leaders!   

ESI Technologies Group is proud to sponsor and nurture the development of two entrepreneurial efforts and looks forward to seeing the outcome of these projects in the near future.

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