Embracing World Blood Donor Day 2023

As World Blood Donor Day approaches, ESI Technologies Group proudly stands alongside these exceptional individuals, celebrating the invaluable contributions of our staff members who have selflessly donated blood in the past. This year, on June 14th, we raise awareness of this vital day and honour those who have made a difference in the lives of others through their generous acts.

Understanding World Blood Donor Day


World Blood Donor Day, established by the World Health Organization (WHO), serves as a global platform to raise awareness about the importance of blood donation and express gratitude to blood donors worldwide. This annual event not only acknowledges the life-saving impact of blood donation but also aims to encourage more individuals to become regular blood donors. Blood shortages are a recurring challenge in many countries. World Blood Donor Day draws attention to this issue and encourages people to donate blood, helping to alleviate shortages and ensure a sufficient supply for medical treatments and emergencies.


ESI Technologies Group’s Remarkable Donors


Within our very own ESI Technologies Group, we have an exceptional group of individuals who have taken it upon themselves to make a difference in the lives of others through blood donation. Their altruism has created a positive ripple effect, impacting the lives of countless individuals and their families. We take this opportunity to honour and celebrate these remarkable staff members for their remarkable contributions.

ESI Technology Group members Natalia + Kate pictured making a difference!


At ESI Technologies Group, we are committed to making a positive impact in the world around us. We believe in creating a culture of empathy and giving back to our communities. By actively supporting World Blood Donor Day, we aim to inspire others to join this noble cause and contribute to saving lives through blood donation.


While we take pride in the accomplishments of our staff members, our goal extends beyond just celebrating their remarkable contributions.


We invite everyone, from our employees to our clients and partners, to become part of this global movement!


Irish + UK Resources:




  • Irish Blood Transfusion Service (IBTS): The IBTS is responsible for the collection, processing, and distribution of blood and blood products in Ireland. Visit their website at www.giveblood.ie to find information about donation centres, eligibility criteria, and upcoming blood drives.
  • Irish Blood Donor Application: Download the official Irish Blood Donor App, available on iOS and Android, to conveniently book appointments, track your donations, and receive notifications about upcoming blood drives and shortages.


United Kingdom:


  • NHS Blood and Transplant: The NHS Blood and Transplant is responsible for the collection, testing, processing, and distribution of blood and blood products in the UK. To learn more about blood donation, find your nearest donation centre, or book an appointment, visit www.blood.co.uk.
  • Give Blood Application: Enhance your blood donation experience with the Give Blood App, available on iOS and Android. This app provides information on eligibility, appointment booking, and personalised updates on where your donated blood has been used.

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