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How to extend pump life, increase reliability and pump-system efficiency

In part one of “pump school” we looked at the Goulds i-FRAME™, an ANSI process pump so reliable it comes with a 5-year warranty as standard

In this post we look at:

  • How to increase your pump efficiency
  • How to reduce pump energy consumption
  • How to reduce operating costs and maintenance of the pump
  • How to improve pump process control
  • How to avoid cavitation of the pump with low tank levels
  • How to protect your pump from process upset conditions

PumpSmart® is a variable speed drive embedded with pump-specific logic. Backed by over 160 years of design and knowledge and 14 US patents, PumpSmart® is the most advanced and reliable pump controller on the market.

PumpSmart® is designed to provide you with control and protection of your pumps and also help you manage your total cost of ownership. By protecting against unplanned pump failure due to process upsets, you can keep your process running longer and eliminate unplanned repair activities.

Common Applications for Variable Speed Drives (PumpSmart®)

  • Waste Water
  • Water Supply
  • Process Water
  • Slurry
  • Mixer Applications
  • Positive Displacement Pumping

Benefits of Variable Speed Drives (PumpSmart®):

  • Increased Pump Efficiency
  • Energy savings
  • Reduced Operating Costs and Maintenance
  • Enhanced Process Control
  • Cavitation Control
  • Pump Protection

How to increase your pump efficiency:

Pumpsmart® has embedded controls and sensors which allow for smooth transitions in start-up and production change, tight control during continuous operation and faster diagnostics of potential system problems before an operation or product quality is negatively affected.

How to reduce energy consumption:

PumpSmart® is able to capture real-time data such as speed, torque and power and use this information to calculate the flow of the pump. By adjusting pump speed to specific system requirements, PumpSmart® can significantly reduce the overall energy consumed by your pump – by up to 65%.

How to reduce operating costs and maintenance of the pump:

By protecting against process upsets, PumpSmart® can lower maintenance and repair costs by:

  • Reducing stress on electrical and hydraulic systems
  • Reducing the risk of cavitation
  • Reducing water hammer effects

How to improve pump process control:

PumpSmart® systems come equipped with advanced process control features that help optimize your pumping system for maximum uptime, reliability and energy savings.

How to avoid cavitation of the pump with low tank levels:

PumpSmart® can monitor the suction conditions of your pump to protect against cavitation. Cavitation control improves overall pump reliability in low NPSH services that regularly cause pump failure. As suction pressure drops to a critical level, PumpSmart® lowers the speed of your pump, reducing the pump’s NPSH requirement, and helping to eliminate cavitation. Goulds also offer a 3-year warranty for pump failure due to cavitation.

How to protect your pump from process upset conditions:

PumpSmart® can protect your pump from process upsetting conditions, such as dry-run, dead-head, shut-off, minimum flow and run-out. With embedded pump-specific logic, PumpSmart® is able to determine the operating state of your pump at any speed.

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