Eliminate pump failures when pumping Mash in distilleries and breweries

A major problem in distilleries and breweries is pump failures caused by MASH. The mash is abrasive and conventional pumps are not capable of pumping it without high maintenance costs.

Some distilleries have solved this problem using Discflo Pumps, dramatically increasing plant uptime and reducing the downtime & costs associated with pump repairs.

So how does Discflo technology work?

    1. Boundary Layer: a boundary layer of fluid molecules collects and rotates with the discs. This creates a natural protective buffer that separates the pump from the fluid, hence no impingement of product on the Discpack and therefore no damage
    2. Viscous Drag: the fluid is pulled through the pump without impingement. The boundary layer attracts and drags successive layers of fluid molecules into layered flows of parallel streams

This is the simple principle of viscous drag and in the disc pump it is a powerful dynamic force that “pulls” the fluid through the pump in a smooth, laminar, non-turbulent flow

This technology works, but the majority of distilleries and breweries are unaware of the technology.

For further information on Discflo pumps contact John Scott on +353 21 4510900 or +44 1633 87705 or send us a product enquiry.

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