Positive Displacement Pump that can pump solids / abrasive slurry – Hydra Cell Pump

Positive Displacement Pump that can pump solids / abrasive slurry – Hydra Cell Pump

Positive displacement pumps have a poor reputation for pumping solids or abrasive slurry. However, the Hydra Cell is a seal-less design that has a proven track record.

We list the features/benefits below:

  • Positive displacement with smooth, low pulse output
  • Heavy-duty industrial construction for long service life in harsh conditions
  • Hydraulically-balanced, unstressed diaphragms
  • Wide range of flow rates from 0.4 to 128 l/min and pressures up to 172 bar
  • Repeatable, accurate output – ideal for metering and dosing
  • Seal-less design – can pump particles in suspension
  • Flexible installation with a variety of mounting configurations
  • Minimal maintenance; no cups, packings or seals – can even run dry!
  • Wide choice of materials of construction for pump heads, diaphragms and valve assemblies
  • High efficiency – low power consumption

What does it look like?

  1. Drive shaft – via an electric motor, hydraulic motor, belt and pulley, etc.
  2. Roller bearings – rigid support, immersed in lubricating oil bath
  3. Fixed-angle cam – translates rotary motion into linear to the hydraulic cells
  4. Hydraulic cells – displace diaphragms via pressurised oil
  5. Diaphragms – hydraulically balanced, no stress during flexing
  6. Inlet valve assemblies – simple design, allows liquid into pump chamber
  7. Outlet valve assemblies – allows liquid to flow into the pressure discharge line
  8. Pressure regulating valve – controls output pressure and prevents pump overload

See it in operation:

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