Control Valves – Class 6 shut-off Habonim Profix Valve

Why choose a complicated, difficult-to-maintain and heavy globe control valve that, by definition, requires an additional shut-off valve?

There is an alternative:

ProfiXTM Control Ball Valve

Habonim’s ProfiXTM provides great benefits:

  • Zero seat leakage – class VI shut-off
  • Higher Cv
  • High-pressure drop capacity with straight-through flow
  • Zero backlash
  • Ease of maintenance
  • Less weight – smaller size
  • Requires less operating force
  • No cavitation
  • Hermetix stem seal to ISO 15848-1 as standard for fugitive emissions – 4-year warranty

ProfiXTM combines a control valve, pneumatic actuator and positioner in one integrated package, reducing size, price, and implementation time.

Contact ESI who have been the Habonim Master Distributor in UK & Ireland since 2000.

Click here to review the Habonim Compact Actuator which is so reliable it comes with a 7-year Warranty.

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